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Multidisciplinary Dentistry – from planning with DSD and Ceramic Veneers for Orthodontic Finalization -a Clinical Case Report

Today’s dentist does not just repair teeth to make them better for chewing. Increasingly, his or her work involves aesthetics. With patients demanding more attractive teeth, dentists now must become more familiar with interdisciplinary dentistr

21st. Century Orthodontics

Crowded Teeth, Aligners. A case report  The patient didn’t have enough room in her upper jaw for her teeth to fit normally, her teeth bunched up, overlapped, twisted and getting pushed to the front.

Full Upper Denture with DSDAPP

After trying in of the trial denture, the denture setup must be refined so that minor discrepancies in the occlusal plane,

Treating the Terminal Dentition using Guided Surgery driven from DSD treatment concept

Treating the Terminal Dentition & the Fully Edentulous Patient using Guided Surgery driven from the Digital Smile Design treatment concept. The patient with terminal dentition or with an edentulous state unquestionably faces a disfiguring conditi

Lower anterior teeth crowns or veneers ?

Lower anterior teeth are rather small and narrow. Crowding may over preparation of the teeth which can ends up with root canal treatment and more treatment.

Bracket repositioning using photography

We reposition brackets based on root position as viewed on on the Radiograph as well as marginal ridge heights as viewed in the mouth. On top of that we @drkamsiah also use photos of patients to help us position the brackets.

DSD App , Malaysia

As of January 2017, 2.2 million mobile apps were available to download for various iOS devices. DSDApp by Coachman has introduced to the dental market about a year ago.

Prosthesis Options for Edentulous Patients using DSDApp

By Dr. Kamsiah BDS , MDSc The most rapid changes that are happening in prosthodontics are due to the digital revolution and virtual design.

Digital Smile Design using DSDApp

by Dr. Kamsiah G Haider , BDS, MDSc Apple’s  iPad is one of the most popular mobile devices  in the world. In the world of dentistry, there’s an app which dentists world wide can use

Gummy Smile , DSDAPP

Our common procedures for treating a gummy smile are through :

Orthodontics, Veneers , or both ?

My presentation during Malaysia Orthodontics Practitioner Association , 7th of July 2017

Gossip girls club of Malaysian Dentistry

I just attended a 3-day Dental seminar. There’s a lot of new ideas! But nothing beats this bunch of gossipers from a fake FB account operating on the pretext of a learning platform.

Dental Motivation, Embrace Into Technology & Life Long Learning

Dentistry can get so overwhelmed with all of the things we have to do in order to reach our goals . Some may even think that they are not “good enough” to be the dentist your patients would like to be.

A Clear Polyvinyl siloxane Technique for the Placement of Posterior Direct Composites

After years of clinical dentistry,  I saw a simple but effective way to restore posterior teeth with composite material. This preoperative occlusal registration technique using


WHAT ARE PORCELAIN VENEERS? Porcelain Veneers or Dental Veneers are very thin “shells” made of either porcelain or composite resin that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth.

From Guided Surgery to Final Single Screw-retained Crown, a Fully Digital Procedure

Intra-oral scanners (IOS) play a central role in our daily  clinical digital dentistry in our practice because we believe the future is now.

Announcing of new associate

We are pleased to announce the addition of our new associate, Dr. Jun Tan, BDS to our practice. She is currently seeing patients in our clinic in TTDI . Dr. Jun graduated from AIMST University.

Dental Implant Crown or Three-Unit Bridge?

When you have a single missing tooth there are three options to replace it, either a single dental implant or a three-unit bridge or a denture. 

The Use of Digital Smile Design in everyday Orthodontics

As technology continues to evolve we now have the advantage of digital smile design workflows in our everyday dentistry.

All-on-4® using guided surgery

The All-on-4® treatment concept was developed in the 1990s as a way to best restore the full arches of the upper and lower jaws.

Gummy Smiles: The Challenge of Gingival Excess , The Digital Smile Design Concept

INTRODUCTION Gummy smile is defined as exposure of a large amount of gingival tissues it is also known as a high lip-line.

Whom Do I Trust to Do my own Porcelain Veneers?

  My patients often ask me who usually treats my teeth.  Since I was born with a good set of teeth, I hardly see any dentist. However, I had a few mandatory dental treatments as

Fluorosis, Orthodontics, Veneers using the Digital Smile Design treatment concept

Multidisciplinary dentistry in management of untreated Fluorosis in an adult using ceramic veneers. Malocclusion treated with Orthodontics and Bone Screws .

Digital Smile Design in a partially edentulous case. Denture or Dental Implants?

We use DSD in Keynote to analyze this smile project. DSD has been an indispensable tool in our practice. It helps us in formulation of an aesthetic clinical

MAJALAHWM.COM : Datin Dr. Kamsiah G. Haider Pakar Pergigian Kosmetik & Digital Smile Design

“I was created to create a beautiful smile.” Saya menemui seorang doktor pergigian kosmetik yang tidak boleh duduk diam, beliau tidak berhenti belajar dan mempelajari teknik-teknik terbaru

Do you trust your dental implant company to be sustainable in the market ?

It is not difficult to place dental implants with enough experience but to repair failed cases is rather challenging especially when the case has been done

Minimum Invasive Dentistry with DSD in a trauma case.

Minimum invasive dentistry by using the Digital Smile Design, (DSD ) concept even in a traumatic case.

Flapless guided implant uncovering (FGIU) using 3D guided surgical stent

Today the keywords to success in implantology have become: security, predictability, quality, economy and the short duration of treatment.

Peg Lateral Incisor

Peg lateral incisor describes a condition where the second tooth on either side of the upper front teeth does not develop

You don’t have to work alone with the Digital Smile Design

The excellence in functional and aesthetic dentistry will never be achieved by accident. It is consistently achieved by a systematic approach

Revisiting dental photography

  As clinicians and small-business owners, dentists must wear many hats:  those of clinician, entrepreneur, marketing executive, staff coach,

How often should you have your teeth scaled?

Gum disease can be treated and often cured, but may require regular ‘maintenance’ visits, usually monthly in the beginning, to monitor the status of

Our dental clinic’s Anniversary.–22 years

Today, May 1, 2017, is our clinic’s Anniversary.–22 years of successful private practice in TTDI (Taman Tun Dr. Ismail) , Kuala Lumpur .

What aspect of DSD is important in this completely edentulous maxilla ?

What aspect of DSD is important in this completely edentulous maxilla ?

DSD Official Course in Malaysia 2018. 

Dr. Kamsiah is one of the official DSD Instructors and Masters who teach the Digital Smile Design courses. I would like to share my experience with Malaysian dental surgeons. In my years in practising clinical dentistry I’ve come across so many in

Using the Digital Smile Design in various stages of Orthodontic Treatment.

After a long and maybe arduous period of time wearing your braces, you are now nearing the moment of truth.

Are you looking for a smile designer ?

Are you looking to display a full set of healthy, well aligned teeth ?

Correcting a Reverse Smile by using the Digital Smile Design concept.

Correcting a Reverse Smile. An analysis of the smile by using the Digital Smile Design concept. The proper approach to achieving the best possible smile for any aesthetic case must start with a full-smile analysis.

Digital Smile Design in Failing Dental Bridgework.

Digital Smile Design in Failing Dental  Bridgework. It gives an opportunity to improve patient’s aesthetic according to the smile design parameters. Not all patients are interested in dental implants.

Diagnosis and Treatment planning in a oligodontia case using the Digital Smile Design Concept.

A keynote presentation and animation in Diagnosis and Treatment planning in a oligodontia case using the Digital Smile Design Concept.

Guided Implant Surgery for Single-Molar Tooth Restoration

Guided Implant Surgery for Single-Molar Tooth Restoration using socket preservation technique . The shortest implant in 5.5 mm Nobel Active is 7 mm.

DSD Instructor

I started using DSD in Sept 2015 , became a DSD Master in Sept 2016 and now in Dec 2016 recognized as their first instructor in this region.

Digital Smile Design and Traditional Orthodontics

We incorporate the Digital Smile Design process to the daily treatment planning of all of our aesthetic cases including the traditional orthodontics.

Digital Smile Design In Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

Digital Smile Design, or DSD, is a state-of-the-art system that combines photography, video and using Keynote or PowerPoint

DSD helps in visualizing the end product though a blue print.

As our standard practice to evaluate a full smile analysis, we take taking into account dental structure, facial features

Happy Divali 2016

We wish you all a happy and safe Diwali!

Malaysian General Dental Practitioners For Equal Opportunities

In my 30 years of practicing dentistry  as a specialist and generalist  I have come to the conclusion that treatment planning is one of the most challenging and demanding aspects of my job. Many factors enter into the decision-making process where



Learn DigitalSmileDesign and enhance your dental skills with Dr. Kamsiah.

Date : September 25, 2016 ( Sunday ) Time : 10 am to 6 pm Venue : Pusat Pakar Pergigian Dr. Kam 15 Ground Floor, Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail , 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rehabilitation of a failed dentition , begin with the end in mind

When we begin this project with the end in mind, we have a personal direction to guide our activities, without which we can’t accomplish toward our own goals. Beginning with the end in mind is part of the process of new dentistry, with the help

What is a DSD Master?

I thank you for this award . I shall do my best to live to its expectations. It is the culmination of what has to me a long journey in my quest to lift up the standard of dentistry in my country.I try to be a role model for all dentists who aspire to

A flapless single molar implant placement using guided surgery for function in a maxillary region.

This 60 year-old, female patient’s chief complaint was a missing first molar on the upper left which had been extracted several months earlier.

The treatment of Gummy Smile utilizing the DSD in Orthodontics and Bone Screw

The use of mini screws as temporary anchorage devices has revolutionized orthodontics. The following cases illustrates a type of orthodontic correction

Where has the professionalism of my “profession” gone?

I Have Had Enough! World-renowned dental lecturer and educator, Gordon Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD sounds off about the dental professions’ ethics

Single mandibular first molar implants with flapless guided surgery

If you have one missing tooth, a dental implant is your best choice.

Orthodontics Bone Screw, removal after treatment.

A clinical case. Finishing an orthodontic case . Removing the bone screws and checked patient’s occlusion.

Utilising DSD in an Emergency Situation.

Clinical case. All photos with consent of this patient. S presented with a large chip on her two front teeth due to an accident. The  two front teeth were on borderline exposure  (the teeth’s pulp or known also as the nerve tissues) during the i

Taking away “guessing” in the Digital Smile Design

I would like to share two cases. In the first case , I was literally forced to do.

An Immediately Loaded Single Implant Retained Mandibular Overdenture

This patient was referred to my practice for a new lower complete denture

Testimony : A Hollywood Smile in Kuala Lumpur :

Yoko Ono once said “Smile in the mirror.  Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.”

322 Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn with Kamsiah Haider : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Dr. Kamsiah is a multidisciplinary dental specialist. Her current interest are in DigitalSmileDesign, which is a new field of her specialization.

Why are you still wearing a lower denture?

Dentures are a surprisingly complex subject in dentistry. Many dental surgeons avoid providing this service because of this complexity.

What is the All-on-4®? Dental Implants

This information given below is intended to explain in general terms the All-on-4 technique pioneered by Dr. Palo Malo

Lower full mouth rehabilitation of a patient with reduced vertical dimension using Zicornia crowns restorations – A case report.

Full mouth rehabilitation  in dentistry refers to rebuilding teeth and supporting structures after decay and gum disease have been treated and stabilised.

An All-on-4® treatment concept on a patient who had a stroke.

Medical history Patient had stroke also known as cerebrovascular accident (CVA), cerebrovascular insult (CVI), or brain attack , a couple of years ago

The Role of Implant Dentistry in Orthodontics

Patient  was presented with a congenitally missing one upper right canine,  labial profile with concavities and lack of bone thickness, labially and palatally. Implants: NobelActive NP 3.5x13mm.

Seeking Dental Treatment Abroad: Has our Malaysia Dental Tourism Promotion Effort Failed

How far would you be willing to travel to see a dentist? A few suburbs? Across the city? Maybe even interstate? Or would you fly to another country?

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