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Dental Implant or a Three-Unit Bridge?

Dental Implant or a Three-Unit Bridge?

Dental Implant Crown or a Three-Unit Bridge?
by Dr. Kamsiah G Haider BDS, MDSc
Dec 17, 2017

When you have a single missing tooth there are three options to replace it, either a single dental implant or a three unit bridge or a denture . 


In this case , this patient had two three unit dental bridges done 17 years ago in the lower jaw. He is about to have a full mouth rehabilitation to restore his airway by prosthodontics due to his sleep apnea . We  are doing this by altering his occlusal vertical and sagital dimensions.

Airway prosthodontics is not restricted to a removable  appliance or just relying on CPAP machine only. 

Patient is also concerned about his oral hygiene around his bridges. He finds it difficult to clean his existing 3 unit bridges  and  furthermore they are due to be replaced  —- drkamsiah