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Prosthesis Options for Edentulous Patients using DSDApp

Prosthesis Options for Edentulous Patients using DSDApp

By Dr. Kamsiah BDS , MDSc
The most rapid changes that are happening in prosthodontics are due to the digital revolution and virtual design. In the recent past, clinicians did everything manually, from planning to finishing the case . Ever since the inception of the Digital Smile Design years ago . Many found the learning curve too steep . However just a year ago, DSD came up with an App from Apple’s App Store, known as the  DSDAPP  by Coachman. In order to use the app , user needs to find and download app . The number of mobile users today is greater than the number of desktop users. This is a responsive app which is not only mobile-friendly, but we can use to design the smile using Ipad .  This iPad app offer cosmetic dentists multimedia features such as camera, contact list, etc. more efficiently. Such features can make user experience more fun, interactive and also reduce efforts. It reduces the time taken to perform a particular task and also boost conversions.
Today we can plan and finish our cases using high-quality restorations digitally. When the proper prosthesis is chosen for each case and is fabricated with precision, it will fit extremely well and provide years of function and esthetics. Thus we provide an expedited return to normal function and aesthetics for edentulous patients.
In this case , we design the positioning of the teeth regardless of the final treatment option. Either removable or fixed prosthesis. Either with pink flange or without .  With this vision , it helps us to communicate with our patients , dental technicians , and cross referencing within the multi-discipline of dentistry to gain clinical understanding of the final prosthesis.


Gummy Smile , DSDAPP

By : Dr. Kamsiah G Haider BDS, MDSc

Our common procedures for treating a gummy smile are through :

Orthodontics: Intrudes over erupted teeth and levels them to correct position so that it eliminates gingival display. If this traditional orthodontics is not adequate , we would couple our Orthodontics treatment with bone screws which intrude the  the maxilla in an apical and distal directions.

Periodontal surgery: Crown lengthening to move gingival levels apically, typically performed on short teeth.