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Full Upper Denture with DSDAPP

Full Upper Denture with DSDAPP

Full upper denture with DSDApp

By Dr. Kamsiah G Haider BDS, MDSc


After try in of the trial denture, the denture setup must be refined so that minor discrepancies in occlusal plane, centric and bilateral balance etc., are corrected. By using photos even a single photo such as in this case , the DSDApp helps in refining this denture setups prior to processing.


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Treating the terminal dentition using Guided Surgery driven from DSD treatment concept

by Dr. Kamsiah Binti Gulam Haider , BDS, MDSc

Treating the Terminal Dentition and the Fully Edentulous Patient using
Guided Surgery driven from the Digital Smile Design treatment concept.

The patient with terminal dentition or with an edentulous state unquestionably faces a disfiguring condition. Over the past decades, osseointegrated implants have provided extraordinary solutions, either supporting or retaining prosthetic devices aimed to restore both form and function.

The Digital Smile Design is one stop concept whereby it could be the treating dentist or interdisciplinary communication between the restorative dentist, the surgeon and the laboratory. a group of oral surgeon and prosthodontist and their ceramist come together to

All the techniques  provide guidelines that can be easily implemented in practice in order to help plan, design and manufacture both the guided surgical kit and the provisional prosthesis . It optimises communication between the restorative dentist and the laboratory. We can safely implement immediate loading protocols in the practice. This technique and procedure provide the patient with an immediately loaded prosthesis.







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All-on-4 Dental Implants with Computer Guided Surgery and Digital Smile Design

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MAJALAHWM.COM : Datin Dr. Kamsiah G. Haider Pakar Pergigian Kosmetik & Digital Smile Design

I was created to create a beautiful smile.”

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