Using the Digital Smile Design in various stages of Orthodontic Treatment.

After a long and maybe arduous period of time wearing your braces, you are now nearing the moment of truth. Your ortho-dentist has told you that they will be removing your braces after a certain period of time. It is important to really see where your orthodontic treatment is heading to.


For more predictable results before removing your braces we analyse the teeth position in 3 dimensions using the Digital Smile Design (DSD) . We use the DSD in planning, intra-treatment and as when we are completing our cases. The key issue here is understanding what we can do and what our patients can see right away their progress of treatment in a 3 different planes so that they have realistic expectation. If there’s anything need to be corrected it can still be done before we remove your braces.

Have a look again at that magicmove by Keynotes. I find it useful to interact with patients.



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