What aspect of DSD is important in this completely edentulous maxilla ?

What aspect of DSD is important in this completely edentulous maxilla ?

Combining All-on-4 Treatment with Digital Smile Design and its CBCT Technology

Full mouth rehabilitation in a patient with compromised upper dentition. It is a process where combinations of procedures are required to correct the dental condition and restore the teeth. The procedures include dental implants, Implant bridges, porcelain bridge, extractions, gum surgeries etc. The smile analysis evaluation should begin withthe observation of the facial elements.

What’s missing in most Digital Smile Design ?

Many clinicians, ceramists, dental technicians, dental photographers are using their own smile design techniques and focusing on macroesthetic which refers to the facial midline and the amount and position of tooth reveal. No doubt the facial midline is a critical reference position for determining multiple design criteria. The amount and position of tooth reveal in various views and lip configurations also provide valuable guidelines in determining esthetic tooth positions and relationships. How about photos in 12 o’clock position which many missed or not discussed ?




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