How often should you have your teeth scaled?

Gum disease can be treated and often cured, but may require regular ‘maintenance’ visits, usually monthly in the beginning, to monitor the status of your teeth, gums and bone to make sure your gums have healed and the bacteria has not returned. Some individuals who may be predisposed to having gum disease may need to return for regular periodontal maintenance cleanings, and others may be able to return to a regular hygiene routine and 3-6-12 month dental checkup visits.

How often should you have your teeth scaled?

It is not rocket science, many people either don’t know the basics of proper oral hygiene or are rusty due to lack of practice. People having oral hygiene problems, whether they wear dentures, having implants in the mouth ,braces or not, can blame them on three main reasons: bad technique, the brushing technique is deficient or inadequate, brushing duration that is too short and insufficient brushing frequency.

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