Do you trust your dental implant company to be sustainable in the market ?

It is not difficult to place dental implants with enough experience but to repair failed cases is rather challenging especially when the case has been done by others or done decades ago.

I am still using the system that I was trained in 1990. The system which is backed up by extensive research and their implants are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

It is very difficult to determine which system is the best implant available today to young dentists who are new in this field. As a rule of thumb, look at how long the company has been in business and the research conducted into their systems. It’s important to know that if an implant component happens to fail in 20 years’ time that you will still be able to get a replacement part.

There are more than 250 companies producing dental implants. Some are cheaper implants and produced by smaller companies, often use lower quality materials and haven’t been so extensively tested nor researched. Basically just a copy cat.

Here is a case I did with an oral maxillofacial surgeon, about 20 years ago. The patient needs to change his upper prosthesis because a couple of his upper implants failed. We managed to replace the implant and its old components from the same company.


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