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Treatment of worn lower dentition.

The digital facially generated treatment planning approach is used for treatment planning, using the digital smile design planning Centre .

The prosthodontics phase is the meticulous esthetic, occlusal and functional evaluation of the provisional restorations prior to finalization of the definitive restorations for predictable esthetic and functional success.

In this Severely worn lower anterior teeth with little to no over-eruption. No gingival alterations were required. The teeth were restored with porcelain veneers in the anterior and ¾ crowns in the premolar region. The overlap the incisal lingual aspect to resist forces of mastication and minimize shear forces that could risk porcelain fracture.

Mandibular incisors present a clinical challenge due to their small size. Preparations aim to be conservative while providing sufficient restorative space to provide esthetic contours.


Lower Treatment Process & Procedure

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