On behalf of my associates and staff, we would like to express my enormous gratitude to all our patients, every employee and associate who are and was with us all these years . 

It’s still a single owner practice and at the same location. I count my lucky star to have a small business during this pandemic. Keeping the practice to just a boutique practice as my dental and business mentor , Prof. Patrick Henry in Perth, Australia whom without his encouragement, I would just maintain as a full time lecturer in one of the universities in Malaysia. I had a year of opportunity to work with the best Prosthodontist in the Southern Hemisphere at that time. He had inspired me in many ways . His skills were unmatchable. 

After years of private practice I met many others who had inspired me in the field of Orthodontics such as Dr. Muhamad Subra Abdullah, Dr. Kathiravan Kathir from The Academy of Dental Science. Later , I went to learn bone screws orthodontics from Dr. Chris Chang in Taiwan. 

In 2015 , I met the person who put all aspect of dentistry to digital perspectives, that’s Christian Coachman from Brazil and my dear friend Dr. Guillermo Manzano from The Digital Smile Design HeadOffice in Madrid . More recently on the 3D , Ipad version DSDAPP from Ralph Georg. 

I was lucky to learn special techniques in implantology from the man who popularised implants in the form of screws as we see today , ie Professor PI Branemark from Gothenburg, Sweden and the All on 4 technique from Prof Paulo Maló , in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Along my career as a dentist, I was lucky to travel and met numerous talented and inspiring dentists from all over the world whom had helped in moulding me to be more confident in this very challenging profession. 

I believe in the power of connection and putting people first is one of our core values as a company. I hope to take to our social media accounts to share all those wonderful stories from staff and customers under the hashtag #drkam24

24 years means a lot to us, which is why we came at this from all angles. We can only say thank you to the unfathomable amount of people that have made my dentistry possible, and cheers to the next 10 years !

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