Collapsed bite in the aging patient.A case report.

Collapsed bite (also known as loss of vertical dimension of occlusion) in this case was due to many missing teeth resulting in over-closure of the jaws. This requires complex rehabilitation to correct. Contact today for an evaluation. jawjoints #severepaindysfunction #TMJdysfunction #muscletension #headaches; #excessivemuscle #contractionforces #shorteningofthelowerfaceheight #invertedsmile #toothlesssmile; #angularcheilitis #problemschewing #removableAndFixedProsthesis #designerDenture #digitalDenture #fixedBridge #RPD #fixeddentalbridges #removabledentalbridges #dentists #moderndentaltechnologies #durablematerials #dentalbridges …

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Treatment of worn lower dentition.

The digital facially generated treatment planning approach is used for treatment planning, using the digital smile design planning Centre . The prosthodontics phase is the meticulous esthetic, occlusal and functional evaluation of the provisional restorations prior to finalization of the definitive restorations for predictable esthetic and functional success. In this Severely worn lower anterior teeth with little to no over-eruption. …

Orthodontic Mechanics used for the intrusion of the maxillary dentition.

4 mini screws provided the necessary anchorage for the intrusion mechanics aimed at intruding the upper dentition and reducing the “gumminess” of the smile. They intrude and distalized the maxilla . Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) was used to identify several anatomical landmarks before inserting the 4 mini screws . The use of the DSDApp helps to visualize the new …

Composite fillings

Aesthetically Appealing back teeth . Unlike the silver amalgam and gold fillings of the past, tooth-colored fillings blend in with your surrounding tooth structure so no one else can tell that you have had a cavity. Whether you are laughing, speaking, or yawning, all anyone will see is your beautiful, white teeth.

21st. Century Orthodontics

Crowded Teeth, Aligners. A case report  The patient didn’t have enough room in her upper jaw for her teeth to fit normally, her teeth bunched up, overlapped, twisted and getting pushed to the front.

Treating the Terminal Dentition using Guided Surgery driven from DSD treatment concept

Treating the Terminal Dentition & the Fully Edentulous Patient using Guided Surgery driven from the Digital Smile Design treatment concept. The patient with terminal dentition or with an edentulous state unquestionably faces a disfiguring condition. Over the past decades,