We are one of the recognized DSD clinics in the Region.

Dr. Kamsiah has been  recognized as a DSD instructor on the 12th. December 2016. Not too long ago she was only a keen user and later awarded a Master in DSD on the 2nd of September , 2016 . Currently  her clinic is one of the recognized DSD clinics in the Region.

We are proud that Dr. Kamsiah is the first to be qualified DSD instructor in this region.

With the her instructorship and collaboration with the DSD inventors and owners she could use their original DSD certificates to her students.

To have a nice smile, we at Dr. Kamsiah clinic we analyze your facial and dental proportions, by the help of digital photographs and videos.

Analyzing them provides a unique understanding of the relationship between your teeth, gums, lips, smile with the facial features in motion and with emotion.

Digital drawings are easily made on the pictures, a digital ruler is provided to precisely communicate with the dental technician and our team when designing the smile. Resulting in a clear, attractive treatment for you.

If you have unattractive teeth due to accidents, it fractured or they are naturally crowded , misshaped or born with missing teeth. Do not worry, just drop by our clinic and we can help you to improve your smile to the level possible that you want. With our experience in Digital Smile Design your dream comes truth. Our Dr. Kamsiah is a recognized Masters and Instructor in this field of comprehensive and multi-disciplinary dentistry in this region.

Nowadays having a mouth free of biological and functional issues is not satisfying for demanding patients. Their desire is to own naturally beautiful smiles that harmonise with their physical characteristics and most importantly with their personalities. DSD dentists are aware of all the contributing factors that are necessary to make patients more satisfied beyond conventional dentistry. Developing an artistic vision and a set of appropriate skills are needed in order to become a Digital Smile Designer. Each customised patient design can be clearly visualised and improved with the patients ideas. Therefore the DSD Concept allows dentists to implement these benefits for patients, creating a smile that reflects their own personality and greatly enhances the experience and the results for all.

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