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We have combined outstanding patient care with the latest techniques in modern dentistry to provide the finest dental experience for our patients. We provide high quality dental treatments for all dental needs.


Sabrina Shuib

The best dental clinic ever! I would rate 10/10 for their warm hospitality, friendliness and love by the staffs and Dr Kam, herself.

I would recommend this clinic to everyone as I’m very satisfied with the treatments, procedures and consultation given by the Dr and staffs. One of the best decision and happiness in my life when I found Dr Kamsiah and be one of her patients.

Love love so much!

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Coco Chanel

I love the comprehensive details and attention given by DrKamsiah who obviously not just a dentist but a total make over dentist. She must be among the top global dental specialist with multiple specialties. From treating my elderly mother with the state of the art teeth in one day using her state of the art technology, treated my daughter’s gummy smile. Also with the state of the art using TADs and Invisalign technology so that my daughter would not have the unnecessary orthognathic surgery AND last but not least minimum invasive veneers in my case .

She’s witty yet serious about her work . She’s also one hell of a walking encyclopedia . Her general knowledge is vast , from geopolitics to space technology . Very inspiring person. She’s an inspirational to young ladies and even those not so young like myself . Thanks Dr. Kamsiah , we really enjoy our trips to visit you and your clinic . Stay this way. Love .

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A Hafiz Zainalabidin Zainalabidin

I was a bit of anxiety before getting my full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants. Initially , I thought this kind of work can't be done locally in Malaysia . A friend showed me your own work on FB and IG . I was amazed with your work , skill, knowledge in multiple dentistry at the highest level, your digital technology and the state of the art equipments . You are one serious person when it comes to dentistry. Unfortunately dentists can't advertise , so we have to find out on our own , whose the best ! I am very happy with the result. Also, the excellent staff is very nice .
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Puteri Adi Farah

Never been to a dentist who is so thorough in her work . She has a lot of options in any dental treatments . You can just be honest with her on your budget and she will tailor your treatment in stages . The best part , she records most of the dental procedures and only posted her own cases rather than taking cases posted by someone else which I don’t see many are doing it in Malaysia . She’s humble, highly experience in cosmetic dentistry and very good in her field . Highly recommended to those who have complicated dental cases or being messed up by other dentists like in my case . Throughly grateful to have met her and completed my case.
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M. Hazmi Reduan

I had problem with bitting my tongue and cheeks just like my late dad. Unfortunately, he didnt received any treatment and suffered a lot. When I met Dr. Kam, she told me it was possible to treat such case by increasing the face height by using dental prosthesis in form of veneers. It has helped me tremendously and I am not bitting my tongue and cheeks anymore.

Thks for a job well done.

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Melanie Joseph

Both Dr Kamsiah and Dr Jiun are professional and approachable. The staff at this wonderful clinic make you feel like family and make you feel so at home plus they take away the fear (if you are afraid to visit the dentist ) of visiting the dentist .. the Doctors are gentle when treating you and they keep you very well informed of your case .

I am currently doing an Invisalign treatment and I look forward to my check ups with Doctor.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    "Should I go or check regularly, or wait until I have a toothache?"
    Best Answer : You don't deserve any pain. Check regularly with us and we will detect any future unbearable toothache before it happen and does maintain your healthy teeth. You can enjoy favourite meals much better!

    "I have broken teeth, i dont like my smile anymore, i feel sad"

    Best Answer : Don't worry. We have a lot of option for you to choose to make your smile even better than before. Come and let us suggest it for you.