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Dr. Kamsiah is a multidisciplinary dental specialist. Her current interest are in DigitalSmileDesign, which is a new field of her specialization. The DSD technique enables her to be more exact in her approach to cosmetic dentistry. She works closely with a few local labs and the DSD lab in Madrid, Spain.

She also practices bone-screw dentistry which combines dental implantology, prosthodontics and orthodontics. In 2003m she did a course in Orthodontics by the Academy of Dental Science in Malaysia . She worked part-time in an established Orthodontic Clinic from 2004-2011.

She earned her membership of the International Association for Orthodontist (iAOi) in 2014. She did her mini-residency with the well known expert and bone screw Dr. Chris Chang in Taiwan.

Dr. Kamsiah obtained her dental degree from The University of Malaya in 1987, and became a tutor and Lecturer in the Department of Prosthetics, Faculty of Dentistry. She went to do her Masters in Prosthetics and Gerodontology graduate degree at Scotland’s University of Dundee and graduated in 1990. She has been a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics and Implantology (ICOI) since 1997. Dr. Kamsiah was a full time lecturer at the University of Malaya, an Associate Professor at the International Islamic University and lectures on prosthetics and gerodontics.

Her dental implant journey started in 1990 when she attended a course in the University of Goteburg, the Branemark centre in Sweden, and trained under the supervision of the late Nobel Laureate, Professor Branemark and subsequently in 1995 did her sabbatical in Perth, Australia with Dr. Patrick Henry who is an associate and colleague of Professor.

She practices guided surgery in her implant cases.

She also lectures on Removable Prosthesis, Dental Implantology, especially on immediate loading in the All on 4-concept. In 2013, on the introduction of Dr. Patrick Henry she went to Lisbon, Portugal where she did a few mini-residency trainings with Dr Palo Mal├│ of the world famous Malo Clinic.

Dr. Kamsiah has been in private practice in 1996.


Published on Feb 25, 2016

This episodes Discussion:
– Learn. Unlearn. RelearnExpensive Dentistry vs Expensive Dentist vs Expensive looking Dentists
– Rockstars in Dentistry

– What to learn after graduation
– And much more!

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