Correcting a Reverse Smile by using the Digital Smile Design concept.

Correcting a Reverse Smile. An analysis of the smile by using the Digital Smile Design concept. The proper approach to achieving the best possible smile for any aesthetic case must start with a full-smile analysis.

The previous prosthesis displays a ‘reverse smile’ where the front teeth look shorter than the back teeth. The edges of the upper teeth should follow the curve of the lower lip, or at least be straight – not an inverse curve. In an aesthetic smile makeover, the midline should be vertical or parallel with a vertical line through the middle of the face.

The teeth should support the lips, and the back teeth should show when the patient smiles fully.

For this case, patient is only interested to rehab his lower dentition after several failures with his prosthesis . For a free end saddle turning to complete rehabilitation, we are going to construct a fix prosthesis by utilizing dental implants.

Nevertheless we are considering a smile makeover to replaced the top prosthesis teeth by selecting a more favorable shape and size of the teeth to harmonize with the available space.