Our dental clinic’s Anniversary.–22 years

Today, May 1, 2017, is our clinic’s Anniversary.–22 years of successful private practice in TTDI (Taman Tun Dr. Ismail) , Kuala Lumpur . Before that I was a lecturer for 8 years in the Prosthetic Department, Dental Faculty, University of Malaya. I wish to acknowledge the intellectual contributions of my lecturers and professors at the University of Malaya and University of Dundee and my mentors like Prof. Yemm, Prof. Chew Chong Lin , Datuk Dr. Sharifah Al-Habshi, Dr. Patrick Henry, Dr. Palo Malo, Dr.Chris Chang, Dr.Christian Choachman and others..

Thanks to all my patients who trusted me with their oral conditions. Thanks to my family especially my late mom, Zaitun Sir Mohamad for her encouragement and spiritual guidance, and my hubby, Din Merican for his moral support and faith in my professional competence.. More importantly, I can’t practice the way I do without my loyal, honest, dedicated and hard working staff..

Not to forget my suppliers, who are understanding and patience when times are bad. Thank you too for supporting my small clinical research lab and my research..

Thank you to those who stick with me such as my dental technicians , some of whom have been with me since I was a dental student. I appreciate all the beautiful work you have done.That said, I urge to improve your work to meet the exacting requirements of my local and foreign patients.

To friends who will drop by the clinic, to just to say hello when they have not heard of me , thanks for your concern . Yes, I am fine and thank AlMighty, Most Merciful and Most Compassionate God for that.. — drkamsiah