Digital Smile Design and Guided Prep Technique.

For us @drkamsiah , the use of a diagnostic wax-up has always been beneficial in the planning and execution of restorative and surgical procedures. It serves multiple purposes from treatment planning, communication with the interdisciplinary team and showing patients what possibilities exist for treatment.

Digital impressions and a bite record were taken and sent to the lab. Information is conveyed on a lab prescription to ask for a diagnostic wax-up based on the parameters requested to achieve the patient’s goal for treatment. Included were photos so that the labs have a better visualisation of what the facial aesthetics are like and how those results may be optimised.

The following is a clinical case of a patient requesting a long-term solution of a severe cheek and tongue bitting. There’s an increase in bite (OVD) that many practitioners are very reluctant to do. It was planned using a Digital Smile Design (DSD) protocol and all lab procedures were digitally created.

The case was successful due to meticulous planning focusing on facial aesthetics, function and minimally invasive protocols. Of course other treatment options were available but the patients complaints and expectations were considered as a result a positive result was achieved.

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