Guided Implant Surgery for Single-Molar Tooth Restoration

Guided Implant Surgery for Single-Molar Tooth Restoration using socket preservation technique . The shortest implant in 5.5 mm Nobel Active is 7 mm. Our patient is not interested in sinus augmentation and extra surgery. We are trying to keep the chairtime as short as possible.

The use of digital treatment planning and guided surgery for the placement of dental implants entails many benefits, including the ability to plan cases in a virtual environment from the surgical and prosthetic perspectives, and then to accurately transfer the plan to the clinical setting. This technology can be used for essentially all indications, from single-tooth to full-arch restorations.

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Digital treatment planning and guided surgery provide tremendous tools to diagnose and treat implant cases predictably and precisely. This technology is not just indicated for fully edentulous arches; it can also be indicated for short edentulous spans, including single tooth replacement in the molar and unaesthetic zone. It is important to make accurate impressions, as the surgical guide is based on the scanned model STL files , and a DICOM files from patient’s CT scan the patient .

The sequence of treatment

The sequence of treatment