Multidisciplinary Dentistry – from planning with DSD and Ceramic Veneers for Orthodontic Finalization -a Clinical Case Report

Today’s dentist does not just repair teeth to make them better for chewing. Increasingly, his or her work involves aesthetics. With patients demanding more attractive teeth, dentists now must become more familiar with interdisciplinary dentistry.

In this case , we systematically evaluated the dentofacial aesthetics using the Digital Smile Design concept in a logical, interdisciplinary manner. In today’s interdisciplinary dental world, treatment planning must begin with well-defined aesthetic objectives.

After analysing this patient , we started with crown lengthening procedure, followed by orthodontics to reduce the overjet , otherwise her case would have been perfect for veneers . However it would have an aggressive veneer preparation.

From beginning to end of treatment

This case provides a systematic method , beginning with aesthetics, and taking into consideration the impact on function, structure, and biology, the clinician will be able to use the various disciplines in dentistry to deliver the highest level of dental care to each patient.

Open one of the alcohol swab packets and use the swab to clean the rubber membrane at the tip of the syringe. Remove the needle from its sterile packaging.