Orthodontics, Veneers , or both ?

My presentation during Malaysia Orthodontics Practitioner Association , 7th of July 2017

A world class dentistry doesn’t happened by default , great dentists work intentionally through their goals by using some kind of dental architectural and blueprint. How you want your patients to remember you as a dentist ?

The path of greatness is different for everyone, you have your own passions, gifts, and talents that will make a positive difference to dentistry. Do not be a follower of the majority, practice dentistry on your own terms. If you’re not excited about dentistry , it may not the right path for you.

Do not be afraid to travel a new path; it may be the way to find what you’ve been looking for all along. In today’s technology there are many 3 D Smile design software and provider of digital services to help the thinking process while they manufacture for dentists from all over the world: From

1 Treatment plan modelling

2 3D web-based viewer

3 Deep CBCT analysis for roots and bone based teeth movement

How about those who wants an immediate communication with their patients, can the patients wait for 5-14 days just for some else to do the thinking process?

What if the patient is an adult who is about to get married, how do you explain to him or her that s/he needs orthodontics before veneers . How do you communicate with your patient in this situation ?

As technology continues to evolve we now have the advantage of digital workflows. Through photography, video and impression scanners we can perform similar procedures using digital smile design protocols. We have been exposed to many great interdisciplinary examples of digital smile design cases that involve full mouth restorative. However, we can use these protocols to also execute simple everyday dentistry as well.