Transposed and Buried Teeth

Tooth transposition and burial are considered to be among the most challenging dental anomalies to address in a dental clinic.

In this particular clinical scenario, there was a transposition between the canine and lateral incisor in the upper left quadrant. Complicating matters further, the canine was also buried.

drKamsiah, was the third dental professional involved in this case. The previous orthodontic approach attempted to move the lateral incisor towards the mesial side of the first premolar, in the hope that the buried canine would naturally align itself. Unfortunately, this did not occur.

If one of the transposed teeth were to be extracted, the patient would lose their canine guidance, which could lead to the need for a multidisciplinary approach involving Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Periodontology. This would be necessary to achieve proper esthetic and functional outcomes.

drkamsiah performed a surgical procedure to expose the buried canine and bring it into occlusion. However, we were unable to complete the patient’s treatment as she will be pursuing further studies overseas. Nonetheless, we provided her future orthodontist with the necessary information to continue and finish her treatment.