The Use of Digital Smile Design in everyday Orthodontics

As technology continues to evolve we now have the advantage of digital smile design workflows in our everyday dentistry. Through photography, video and impression scanners we can perform similar procedures using digital smile design protocols. We have been exposed to many great interdisciplinary examples of digital smile design cases that involve full mouth restorative. However, we can use these protocols to also execute traditional orthodontics as well.

The following is a clinical case of an orthodontic procedure that many general practitioners might perform on a regular basis. It was planned using a Digital Smile Design (DSD) protocol to educate the patient on how the movement going to be during traditional orthodontics.

DSD protocol may be used for other cosmetic dental cases which we have discussed extensively in our website, blog, FB, Instagram and Twitter cases involving restorative dentistry, periodontics, implantology, aligners, orthognathic cases. By using the digital workflows, clinical cases are predictable and easier to explain to our patients and implement with the help of an experienced lab in Digital Smile Design Technology.