Invisalign Journey

Getting the smile you always wanted is our business! We are certified as #Invisalign providers đź’™.Our practice offers a comprehensive treatment plan utilizing the cutting-edge #3shape scanner and advanced technology. Let us share the inspiring story of one of our patients who achieved their dream smile..Embarking on this transformative journey with Invisalign was no small feat, but it provided the …

Issue Denture

During the issue stage, the completed denture is placed into the patient’s mouth, and any required modifications are performed until the patient experiences a comfortable fit with the newly acquired denture.. DentureIssueStage #ComfortableFitDenture #PatientAdjustments #NewDentureExperience #DenturePlacement #DentureModifications #DentureComfort #drkamsiah #fy

Digital Planning

The use of digital planning ensures that the outcome of the complete mouth rehabilitation can be reliably anticipated. The patient was pleased with the process, which began with dental photography. We utilized these photos to illustrate our ultimate objectives in fully restoring the patient’s oral health using various dental disciplines. Through the utilization of the #_smilefy application on our iOS …

Multidisciplinary Dentistry

A multidisciplinary approach, both in orthodontics and in restorative dentistry involves tackling dental problems with comprehensive treatment plans that solve patients’ problems and expectations, subsequently leading to consistent long-term results… multidiciplinaryDentistry complexDentistry orthodontics midlineShift Class3Correction restorativeDentistry RedoCrown EmaxCrown KeynoteAnimation DrKamsiah fy

Digital planning and execution of the all on four dental implants

The All-on-4 treatment concept optimizes the utilization of existing bone, resulting in a high success rate due to the precise surgical and prosthetic procedures that adhere to this protocol. In our situations, we employ the #_smilefy app to design the desired smile and transmit the case to our digital laboratory in Madrid, ensuring the achievement of such favorable outcomes.. allonfourdentalimplants …

Painless Dental Injection? Here is the Procedure.

Still can’t get over this digital injection technology!! It’s really painless . Today, I tried removing both lower wisdom teeth without the usual technique of blocking the nerve and numbed the face ! STA is a computerized sensor-controlled local anesthetic delivery system that anesthetizes only the tooth being treated via an intraligamentary “injection” that consists of gently sliding a small …

Digital Smile Design and Guided Prep Technique.

For us @drkamsiah , the use of a diagnostic wax-up has always been beneficial in the planning and execution of restorative and surgical procedures. It serves multiple purposes from treatment planning, communication with the interdisciplinary team and showing patients what possibilities exist for treatment. Digital impressions and a bite record were taken and sent to the lab. Information is conveyed …

DSD App , Malaysia

As of January 2017, 2.2 million mobile apps were available to download for various iOS devices. DSDApp by Coachman has introduced to the dental market about a year ago.

Digital Smile Design using DSDApp

by Dr. Kamsiah G Haider , BDS, MDSc Apple’s iPad is one of the most popular mobile devices in the world. In the world of dentistry, there’s an app which dentists world wide can use